Wednesday, June 15, 2011

           Mustang is the name of the district in northern Nepal bordering Tibet (China) and it runs along the Kali Gandaki River. This isolated region, the Mustang District, denoting “fertile plain” and pronounced Mun Tan in Tibetan, is the area north of the ACA.. The areas mystique which attracts travelers today, dates back hundreds of years to around the 7th century. The Mustang Region has served not only as the major trade route between Tibet, India, and Nepal but it also was a gateway in the 19th and the early 20th centuries for the inquisitive travelers trying their luck to sneak into forbidden Tibet. As such, Mustang (the Kingdom of Lo) is mentioned in numerous books describing the perils and many failed attempts of reaching Tibet through this region.It is the garden of natural scene and natural beauty.
           The capital of Lo named is Manthang, which translates (from the Tibetan) as "plain of aspiration.”. The people of Nepal's Mustang area practice their original Tibetan culture, language, and traditions and the majority of them are either Thakalis or Tibetan. Because they are from the border of Tibet but live in Nepal they speak Nepali, Tibetan and a number of different dialect variations in between.
            Mustang is famous for trekking and the best time to travel is march to november.Before the winter is started in cold you cant travel there.The temperature and climate kill you in winter so it will better to trekking in summer season. When the wind is start there its just like a hurricane so you find shelter first when wind started. 


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